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Religious Education Registration

Eliot Chapel families are asked to complete a registration form each year for children and youth actively participating in the Religious Education program (nursery-high school). Having up-to-date information enables us to more effectively plan our program offerings, helps us keep you informed about church events and activities throughout the year, and, most importantly, helps keep children and youth safe while under the supervision of Religious Education staff and lay leaders.  


A note about Covid-19: Due to the uncertain circumstances and important safety considerations related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Religious Education staff have been asked to plan for a virtual 2020-21 church year until it’s safe to regather in-person, consistent with the Unitarian Universalist Association’s recommendation to congregations.


Financial Expectations

The Religious Education program is dependent on the generous financial contributions of Eliot Chapel members and friends through their annual pledges to the church's operating budget. From time to time, a fee may be charged for a specific activity or event.

It is the expectation that parents and guardians of participating children and youth will support their congregation, to the best of their ability, through an annual pledge to Eliot Chapel.

If you have not made a financial pledge for 2020-21, click HERE for ways to set up your pledge.

For questions, or if you need more information about annual pledges, please contact the Director of Finance & Operations Camille Novak at admin@eliotchapel.org.


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Eliot Chapel's Religious Education program and the larger Eliot congregation rely on the time and talents of many individuals each and every year. The opportunities below are some of our most-needed positions. Please indicate where you are willing and able to assist. All volunteers will be provided instructions and support throughout the year. Note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation and subsequent transition to virtual programming, some of these roles may not be currently available, and new opportunities may emerge throughout the year.
Volunteer Opportunities. Check all that are of interest.
Eliot Unitarian Chapel offers numerous opportunities for members and friends of all ages to participate in congregational life. Below are just a few of the ministry opportunities available. Please indicate if you are interested in learning more about these opportunities and the appropriate staff member or lay leader will contact you.

Please complete the following information for each participating child and/or youth in your family. NOTE: For youth in high school (usually grades 9-12), the adult youth group leaders use text messaging, email, and may use limited Social Media (usually limited to Facebook) to communicate directly with youth about Eliot youth group and congregational activities, and other UU-related events for youth. Please share their text number and email addresses in the boxes below if you wish for them to receive this direct communication.
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