Giving is easy with REALM and EliotConnects!



Generous giving is part of the culture of Eliot Chapel.  

dream_typeEliot members and friends are generous in our outreach efforts, giving time, talent and treasure to individuals and groups in need. 

Each month a different organization benefits from our shared Sunday offering.  Each year we are able to give tens of thousands of dollars to national and local organizations to help the homeless, support disaster relief efforts, promote human rights and more. 

And Eliot Chapel itself needs our support.  The Chapel’s programs and ministries are almost totally supported by PLEDGES and GIFTS from members and friends.  A PLEDGE is a commitment made at the beginning of a church year, estimating the financial contribution you plan to make to the church over the next year. ( Many people consider their pledges in terms of $x per month or per week as a way of connecting their gift with their income.)  

To make a pledge you may: 

  • Click here to print a stewardship letter. Complete the letter and mail or bring it to the church office.
  • Contact Administrator Camille Novak at 314-821-0911 or admin@eliotchapel.org to discuss your pledge.
  • If you would like to set up automatic payments, you can do so through Realm. Click here for full instructions. Please note that you still need to turn in a pledge letter with your pledge amount so we can include it in our total!


Do you have questions about pledging?
Contact us to speak to someone who can help.

Support Eliot Chapel as Part of Your Legacy
Do you love our church and want to make sure it continues to thrive into the future? St. Louis needs a strong liberal religious voice, and a loving and inclusive community like ours for generations to come. Please consider designating Eliot Chapel as a beneficiary in your estate. You can learn about the Abigail Adams Eliot Giving Circle and fill out a confidential form. You may have been thinking about doing this for some time - so why not now? We are grateful for your generous support. 

Click on the links below to learn more Planned Giving and the Abigail Adams Eliot Circle.

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Questions? Please email plannedgiving@eliotchapel.org.