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St. Louis County's transmission levels for COVID-19 are in the high category. When this happens, it triggers a change in Eliot Chapel's COVID measures.


When St. Louis County is at a Red Level or High Level, we will: 

  • Wear a mask indoors in public. 
  • Stay up to date on COVID vaccines. 
  • Get tested if you have symptoms. 
  • Refrain from serving food or drink at Eliot. 
  • Explore additional precautions for people at high risk for severe illness.


For details, read the email that went out about the change.


Welcome to Eliot Chapel's Sunday service!


Sunday, January 22 – 10:00 am 

“Centering Our Bodies” – Rev. Krista Taves  

We are still reorienting since Roe vs. Wade was struck down. We will explore the UU theological foundation of our commitment to freedom of choice and what that asks of us now. 

Featured musicians: Eliot Chapel Choir; David Nalesnik, piano.


Eliot Chapel worships in person in our Sanctuary as well as offering a livestream option online. Our in-person service take place at 10:00 am on Sunday morning.

Large-print orders of service and hearing assistance devices are available from the greeters on Sunday. The livestream service will appear here on the website and on our YouTube channel for viewing.


You may download an order of service here which includes lyrics to our hymns.



If you are a guest or newcomer, we welcome you! Email welcome@eliotchapel.org to get connected right away. You may also sign the guest book where you can choose to opt in to our communications list, find out about religious education programming for children, or talk to someone about any questions you have about Eliot Chapel or Unitarian Universalism. Thanks for joining us today!


Every Sunday, Eliot Chapel shares half of the offertory with an organization in the community whose work reflects our shared values. In January we will be sharing our Sunday collections with the Meacham Park Neighborhood Improvement Association (MPNIA). Meacham Park is a predominantly African American community in Kirkwood. Even before Meacham Park was annexed to Kirkwood, an intentionally diverse group of Meacham Park and Kirkwood residents formed to advocate for Meacham Park and Eliot Chapel has long ensured that we have one of our members at the table so that we are always ready to lend a hand. Learn more about MPNIA at meachamparknia.org.


Here’s how you can give:

  • Online: Click here. Make sure “Shared Plate” is your chosen fund.
  • By Mail: Please write “MPNIA” in the memo line of your check and mail it to Eliot Unitarian Chapel, 100 South Taylor Ave., Kirkwood, MO 63122. 
  • By Text: Text "Eliot SharedPlate $(enter the amount)" to 73256. A link in the reply text will take you to our secure database webpage where you can complete your transaction. Please note, "SharedPlate" must be entered as one word to reach that preferred option.

January 22, 2023

Upcoming Services

Sunday, January 29 – 10:00 am 

"Centering, Calling, and Mission" – the Rev. Doug Wadkins

How we understand our center as individuals and as a community makes such a difference in how we live. As we prepare to finish our exploration of finding our center, this service will help us discern more about how our core may inspire us in living our life’s purpose and its relationship to understanding a larger sense of purpose as a congregation. 

Featured musicians: Eliot Chapel Choir; David Nalesnik, piano.


Sunday, February 5 – 10:00 am  

“Love is Still Teaching Me” – The Rev. Douglas Wadkins

February introduces a new theme: Love. It is a powerful teacher regarding the human experience and the ways of the heart. Let’s explore what love might teach us now.


Sunday, February 12 – 10:00 am 

“Renewing Our Love of Life” – The Rev. Douglas Wadkins

As we continue to explore love, we turn to the ways that we learn and relearn how to find an affection for our lives. This cycle of renewal helps us remain grounded when we are otherwise adrift.   How can love reconnect us with what matters?


New COVID-19 Policy


At Eliot Chapel, we follow CDC guidelines regarding COVID-19. Currently, we are at the yellow or medium level in St. Louis County, so we will:

  • Encourage each person to make their own decisions about masking, and if you are at high risk for severe illness, talk with your healthcare provider about whether you need to wear a mask and take other precautions.
  • Stay up to date on COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Stay home from church events and get tested if you have symptoms.
  • Resume coffee hour.

Five leaders in the Eliot community met on September 3 to craft a new COVID policy. Watch the video above to hear from Rev. Krista and Rev. Doug about the policy and how it affects Ingathering, Coffee Hour, and other gatherings at Eliot Chapel going forward.


You may access the policy document on Eliot Chapel's website to read more of the details.




Support for Ukraine


In March, many were asking how we could support the people struggling for their freedom and their lives in Ukraine. The Partner Church Council reached out to our partner church in Romania, asking if we could help refugees entering their country. Unitarians in Transylvania were already volunteering their help through the Hungarian Unitarian Church. You can read Rev. Sandor Kiss’s message in a recent This Week at Eliot. Eliot Chapel decided to dedicate the collection for the two following Sundays to aid Ukraine through this effort, and in early April, we wired $7,500 to the Hungarian Unitarian Church's Providence Aid Association for Ukrainian Assistance. We have recently learned of the impact of this gift. Watch the video above to hear directly from the aid workers and see photos and read reports to learn more.


Ukrainian Emergency Response Report, March 2022

Ukrainian Emergency Response Report, April 2022


Ukraine emergency response March 2022 p1


Ukraine emergency response April 2022 p2


Ukraine emergency response April 2022 p3




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