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Update as of May 22, 2022:


Nursery care for young children aged five (5) and younger will be offered during the 10:00 am summer service from May 29-June 26. The nursery room opens at 9:30 on Sunday morning and is located in Room 003 downstairs.   


The nursery will be closed in July 2022 for summer break and staff vacations.


For the most up-to-date nursery schedule and programming details for young children, please contact Scott Stewart at scott@eliotchapel.org. Note that all programming details are subject to change at any time due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.


We are all flames. 

When we gather hand in hand in our church, our community, and our home.

We inspire, we celebrate, we come together

Sharing our light of hope for our shared future.


—By UU children Josh, Prudence, and Percival Roburn (Shared Light-Shared Future)




Eliot Chapel's indoor nursery


Young Children's Activities (Birth through Preschool)


Supervised indoor play and age-appropriate activities for nursery and preschool-age children (5 and younger) are available during worship services MOST Sundays through June 26, 2022*. For children aged 2 and older, a portion of the time may be spent on the Eliot Chapel Nursery School Playground (weather and adult availability permitting). Supervision and care is provided by members of the Religious Education staff with assistance from Eliot volunteers. All participating children age two (2) and older are expected to wear a mask at all times during in-person activities


*The nursery will be closed in July 2022 for summer break. Contact Scott Stewart at scott@eliotchapel.org for more specific details about the nursery schedule.


Health & Safety During Covid-19: Click to learn more about our health and safety protocols for young children during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Getting Involved


For more information about the young children’s program, or to learn more about how to get involved, contact Scott Stewart at scott@eliotchapel.org.