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From May 21-June 25, 2023, the nursery is open beginning at 9:30 each Sunday, EXCEPT June 11. Nursery care is available on these dates for children aged five (5) and younger who need freedom of movement. The nursery is CLOSED on June 11 and during the month of July 2023 for staff vacation.


Religious Education (RE) classes for children have concluded for 2022-23. Classes do not meet during the summer months. The 2023-24 Religious Education program begins in September 2023. For the most up-to-date schedule and programming details for young children, please contact Scott Stewart at scott@eliotchapel.org

We are all flames. 

When we gather hand in hand in our church, our community, and our home.

We inspire, we celebrate, we come together

Sharing our light of hope for our shared future.


—By UU children Josh, Prudence, and Percival Roburn (Shared Light-Shared Future)




Eliot Chapel's nursery and preschool space


Young Children's Activities (Birth through Preschool)

nursery2023Supervised play and age-appropriate UU activities for nursery and preschool-age children (five and younger) are available during the 10:00 am worship service most Sundays from September-May.  For children aged two (2) and younger, the nursery* is full of books, toys, music, and fun. Supervision and care are provided by Eliot staff members and volunteer leaders beginning at 9:30 on Sunday morning.  


Eliot’s preschool class* meets most Sundays September-May and is designed to provide an introduction to Unitarian Universalism for preschool children aged three (3) and older by August 1. Gatherings are led by staff and volunteer leaders and include free play, stories, and activities from Unitarian Universalist curricula for young children, including Chalice Children, Soul Matters, and Rainbow Connection, which provide age-appropriate introductions to UU values, principles, identity, and spirituality. When weather and staffing permit, a portion of the time may be spent on the Eliot Chapel Nursery School Playground. 


*Note: Nursery and preschool classes may be combined based on enrollment, attendance, and availability of volunteers and staff. All classes are required to have two adults present at all times.



Getting Involved


For more information about the young children’s program, or to learn more about how to get involved, contact Scott Stewart at scott@eliotchapel.org.