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We are mosaics. Pieces of light, love, history, stars....

Glued together with magic and music and words.

                                                  —Anita Krizzan



Never in our lifetimes have we seen anything like this pandemic, now completing year two. Through it all, we are still the church, a community practicing courageous love, inspiring one another and taking compassionate action. Together, we make a more beautiful whole. 


Hear from members of Eliot Chapel about the importance of this community in their lives and why they support Eliot Chapel. 


Pledging to Eliot Chapel

To make a pledge, please use the materials sent to you from Eliot Chapel. If those are unavailable, you may download a replacement pledge card and mail it to Eliot or use the digital pledge form on our giving page.

If you have found incorrect pledge information in your packet, we apologize for our error. Pledge amounts for 2020-2021 were accidentally added during a mail merge. You may find your correct current pledge amount in your Realm profile, or please contact Christie or Camille. They will gladly respond with your current pledge amount. 


Eliot Exchange






Do you have items at home that you’d like to give away or sell for a reasonable price? Are there things you need that someone might be willing to sell or give you? Would you like recommendations from people you trust when hiring a professional? Look to the new Eliot Exchange for help.


The Eliot Exchange is a community-based forum for sharing items, services, and suggestions among Eliot Chapel members and friends. Similar to Kirkwood Swap and Sell, Facebook Marketplace, and Buy Nothing St. Louis, the Eliot Exchange provides a place to list items for sale and services offered. It is also a place where you can post something you need or request help from fellow members and friends. Designed to be a safe place to buy, sell, swap, barter or discuss among friends, the Exchange is open to Eliot members and friends only. It is a way for church neighbors to help one another.


If you are interested in joining this new group, please read the guidelines then contact Mary or Kathy at eliotexchange@eliotchapel.org to register. By signing up for the Eliot Exchange, you are indicating that you have read the rules and will abide by them to keep our forum safe, friendly, and viable.


Don't Miss the UU Palooza!


When is it?

Saturday, April 9

Noon to 3:00 pm



What is it?

A fun family-centered church picnic! Come celebrate the stewardship campaign and enjoy your Eliot family and friends! Bring your own picnic and beverages and enjoy Kona Shaved Ice on us – make your own “mosaic” snow cones! And the new popcorn machine will be popping piping hot popcorn!


There will be outdoor games, a playground and fishing lake nearby, walking trails, a group art project, fire pit (if needed), and two large covered pavilions.


We're excited to offer amazing entertainment: Music by The Red & Black Brass Band and a special skit from the Madrigal Players!


Where is it?

Kirkwood Park – 111 S. Geyer Road

Lions and Sugar Creek Ridge Pavilions: Next to tennis courts off of W. Adams Ave.

Parking is near the tennis courts off of W. Adams Ave. and off of Geyer Road, near the ice rink. Both have access to the pavilions; W. Adams Ave. is closest.

Rain or Shine...We have you covered!




Remember when the Red & Black Brass Band joined us for our Sunday service in February as we kicked off our stewardship campaign? They’re returning for UU Palooza! The Red & Black Brass Band will play LIVE on Saturday, April 9. Don’t miss it!