October Update

This October the theme of our services has been Cultivating Relationships. One of the ways we are in relation to our church is through stewardship. The dictionary defines stewardship as follows:


stewardship [stoo-erd-ship] noun - The responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving.


At Eliot Chapel we are a voluntary organization led by people’s outpouring of time, talent, and leadership and funded from people’s generosity. We are stewards of our beautiful church and our loving community. We stand in commitment to each other and our broader community. Eliot is a place where we nurture our minds and grow our spirit.


As the church year starts up, the Stewardship Team wants to thank you for all of the ways you have chosen to “oversee and protect” Eliot Chapel because you see our church as “something worth caring for and preserving.” Thank you for volunteering to do something for the church, even if it’s something you do from home, such as sending cards to people who are sick or in mourning, or calling a member who is isolated to chat for a bit. Maybe your volunteering takes an even bigger commitment of time such as serving on the Board or leading one of the Social Justice Teams. Perhaps you facilitate one of the Religious Education events, set up for outdoor services, or lead a Covenant Group. Thank you!


We are grateful to you, also, for supporting our church financially and pledging to continue that support throughout this church year. If you have questions about your pledge or financial contribution, please let the office know by calling 314-821-0911 or emailing frontoffice@eliotchapel.org. Our fiscal year started July 1, so you may want to check the status of your personal pledge at this time. The Stewardship Team is committed to keeping you informed about the ways in which your time, talent, and treasure are contributing to the safekeeping and care of our church. Be on the lookout for a monthly “Spotlight on Stewardship”!


Reverend Barbara describes stewardship in a church as a three-legged stool. The three legs representing the foundation of stewardship are planned giving, annual pledges, and fundraising. We will be sending out a quarterly status of this year’s (2021-2022) pledge fulfillments. Here is the first one: