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Next Steps Weekend: Surprising Abundance  

We had a phenomenal turn-out for our Next Steps Weekend with UU consultant Rachel Maxwell. She met with 50 people in small groups (her highest number to date), and it was standing room only in Adams Hall for her Sunday report. It was exciting to see so many people engaged in talking and learning about the shared stewardship of Eliot Chapel. Here is Rachel Maxwell’s full report.

Eliot Chapel shows both a high level of commitment to our community and a high level of anxiety about finances. We are actually in much better shape than we think we are. Rachel compared our average or median pledges with other UU churches, and we are very healthy. We have some challenges, but it’s not going to help us to focus there. Instead, we need to keep reminding ourselves of our abundance. Read her new Eliot Chapel Money Story in the Next Steps Weekend presentation.

We also tell ourselves that we don’t have enough people giving service. Lots of people told Rachel that they wanted to get involved and just didn’t know how. If that’s you, a good start would be reading Getting Involved at Eliot. If you have questions, ask the ministers or anyone on staff or the board. We would love to sit down and chat with you about your interests and the skills you’d like to share. 

It’s true that we are looking at a deficit this year and will need to look at how we do things going forward.  She recommended that we talk together about next year’s budget, and then create a financial strategic plan for the next five years. We invite you to be part of these conversations. 

And we invite you to read Rachel’s report. If any of this has sparked ideas for you, please write Rev. Barbara at bgadon@eliotchapel.org or Rev. Helen at revhelencarroll@gmail.com.