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Eliot Chapel Madrigal 


To Our Honored Guests and Esteemed Volunteers:

Eliot Chapel Madrigal 2020

‘Twas four months before Madrigal
And all through the Hall
Not a creature was stirring;
There’ll be no curtain call.

The writers stopped writing,
Their quills put away.
The efforts for this year
Put to next year’s play.

The Queen and her tiara
And the Fool with his mask
Will have nothing to do,
But they’re up to the task.

Poor Cecil and Drake
Are both left in the dark,
Not knowing who’s in the show
And who will miss the mark.

There’ll be no Actors, no Singers,
No Recorders this year.
It’s very hard to practice
With a mask hooked to each ear.

Castle Workers won’t be serving,
They get the time off.
But they’ll return next year
Unless they have a cough.

This thing they call Covid
Has got us on the run,
Ruining all our plans
And spoiling all our fun.

But “resilient we are”
Just like Yoda would say,
Put off until next year
What we can’t do today.

‘Cause Covid’s going down
Like a jouster off his steed.
From this pandemic we’ll recover,
From social distancing we’ll be freed.

We look forward to seeing you along with your kin
When the Castle is open to all once again.
And then to our wondering eyes will appear
Madrigal 2021 in just over a year!

James A. Gottschalk,
a/k/a Sir William Cecil & Sir Francis Drake


We hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Karen S. Gottschalk, Royal Reservationist

To learn more about Madrigal, please visit the Madrigal website at www.eliotchapelmadrigal.org.





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