Upcoming Services

At 10:00 am on Sundays, our worship service video will be here on the homepage of our website and it will be available anytime after that during the week. The video will also be available on the Eliot Chapel YouTube channel where you can find past services as well.



Sunday, January 3

Coffin and Cradle: A New Year – Rev. Barbara H. Gadon 
We have the opportunity to bury the old year and greet the new one. What year has any of us been more eager to do this with than 2020? Join us for poetry, song, and a ritual you can do at home to intentionally let go of what you need to shed in order to be healthy and whole, and what birth you must prepare for now. 



Sunday, January 10

Staying True to our Visions in a Changing World – Rev. Krista Taves 
Our faith exists because we have imagined a vision of how life could be if we truly lived in peace with one another and the earth.



Sunday, January 17

Winning with a Tough Mind and Tender Heart – Amy Hunter
In a time when we are asked to reimagine our lives, examine the work of a servant leader, explore what faithful activism looks like we will need both a tough mind and a tender heart.
Amy Hunter is a native St. Louisan and a compelling and hopeful voice for racial justice. As director of racial justice for the YWCA, she created Witnessing Whiteness, a program bringing hundreds of people together to learn and grow. She currently serves as director of diversity and inclusion for Caleres.



Sunday, January 24:

The Friends of Imagination – Rev. Barbara H. Gadon

Imagination is necessary to move our collective life forward and to give our individual lives flavor. Some say it is needed to experience the divine. But there are headwinds to the imagination in an age of social media which curates the world for us and manipulates our attention. In this service, we will examine what hinders and what helps our most creative impulses.



Sunday, January 31
Reframing Imagination – Rev. Krista Taves
As Unitarian Universalists, we have a strong and abiding conviction that there is a power in drawing from our personal conscience in matters of faith, belief, and morality. "Trust thyself." But there are times when our conscience can lead us astray, when what we have learned to believe is found to be unworthy of our trust. We need to reframe our imaginations for hope and healing to come.