Resources & Activities for Children

Alice the Chalice: Coloring Pages & Activities for UU Kids
Hey kids, click here to meet Alice the Chalice and find UU coloring pages, activities, mazes, and YouTube films.  Alice the Chalice is a UU kids resource created by UU minister Rev. Amy Freedman and UU consultant Peter Bowden.

Families, you can also check out Peter & Amy’s YouTube film You’re A Uni-What?, found here, which explores the Unitarian Universalist religion and common misperceptions people of all ages have about the UU faith tradition.

UU World Family Page
Families: Weave a Tapestry of Faith is the pullout section from UU World magazine containing stories, activities, and conversation starters for families which are drawn from Unitarian Universalist curricula and resources.  All editions from 2009-2018 are available in PDF from the UUA website, found here.  The story title, topics, and parent reflection are all noted under the edition.

Family Quest on YouTube: Families on a Spiritual Expedition

Check out UU Family Quest’s YouTube Channel, found here.  Family Quest is a project of the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship and offers families short videos and film clips on spiritual practices, UU identity, world religions, holidays & holy days, UU parenting, and much more.  

UU Resources for Children’s Faith Development
Click HERE to explore background information, recommended books, blog posts, and curricula related to children’s faith development in Unitarian Universalism. Note that many of the recommended books can be found in the Eliot Chapel libraries.

Click HERE to discover UU stories, videos, and computer games for children from UU religious educator and parent Michelle Richards. Resources include a list of books arranged by UU principle, a series of videos on different UU-related topics, and a UU parenting survey.

Last Published: August 7, 2019 4:26 PM