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Resources & Activities for Children

UU Summer Reading List for Children
Hey kids ~summer is a fantastic time for UU reading.  The UU Children’s Summer Reading List, found here, contains an extensive list of books organized according to the seven UU principles.  Many are available in the Eliot Children’s Library, while others can be checked out of the public library or purchased.  These books can also be great tools for family discussion of UU themes this summer.


Alice the Chalice: Coloring Pages & Activities for UU Kids
Hey kids, click here to meet Alice the Chalice and find UU coloring pages, activities, mazes, and YouTube films.  Alice the Chalice is a UU kids resource created by UU minister Rev. Amy Freedman and UU consultant Peter Bowden.

Families, you can also check out Peter & Amy’s YouTube film You’re A Uni-What?, found here, which explores the Unitarian Universalist religion and common misperceptions people of all ages have about the UU faith tradition.

UU Games & Puzzles
A collection of UU-related games, puzzles, and activities appropriate for UU's of all ages, provided by the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship.  

Resources & Activities for Youth

Blue Boat of Youth Ministry
Youth, check out this UU Blog for all things youth ministry, including YouTube clips, articles, opportunities for involvement, and much more.

Living Mosaic: A UU Blog for Youth & Young Adults of Color
This UUA blog, found HERE, is designed to provide UU youth and young adults of color with spiritual community, pastoral support, and opportunities to connect with other UU’s through announcements and opportunities.  It’s administered by the UU minister Rev. Dr. Monica Cummings.  

Family Resources & Featured Articles

Lent & Easter Resources:

What might Lent mean to Unitarian Universalist children, youth, and families?  Explore Michelle Richards’ UU Parenting Blog titled The Value of Giving it All Up, found HERE, for insights, reflections, and possible family activities during the Lenten season. 

You can also explore this UU World Parenting Blog, titled What’s a UU Family to do on Easter?, found HERE, for ideas about how UU parents can share the Easter story with their children and create meaningful family traditions related to this holiday and time of year.

Check out the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Larger Fellowship’s YouTube Channel, titled Family Quest, for family resources about Easter and the story surrounding this holiday, including the following:

The story of Mary coming to the grave of Jesus - a liberal religious perspective on the Easter story. Told by UU minister Rev. Lynn Ungar, found HERE.

The Easter story in 3 minutes, titled The Resurrection, as shared in the Beginner’s Bible Deluxe Edition, found HERE.


Evil:  Insight & Reflection for Unitarian Universalist Families
Eliot’s February 2015 theme is Understanding Evil.  Families, click here to explore insight from UU World’s Parenting Blog Stories About Evil regarding the presence of evil in stories, games, and popular culture, as well as the opportunities for growth and conversation they present parents and children.

For more UU perspective on evil, explore Patrick O’Neill’s reflection found here, titled "What Is Evil?" about the relationship between good, evil, and religious responses to each.


Exploring “God”:  Stories & Resources for Families
Eliot’s January 2015 theme is God.  Check out Michelle Richards’ UU Parenting Blog Divine Questions, found HERE, to explore how UU parents & family members can engage children in conversation around questions about God.  

Families, you can explore this theme together with the following readings for all ages:

Unitarian Universalist Kids Say:  God Is…, found HERE, which also includes a parent reflection.

Hide & Seek With God, by Mary Ann Moore, found HERE, exploring where God can be found through a game of Hide & Seek.



The Gift of Hope: Activities for UU Families
Eliot's December 2014 theme is Hope.  Explore the Winter 2013 edition of UU World Family Page, found here, with stories, activities, and family dialogue questions for all ages about hope and where it can be discovered.

Unitarian Universalist Covenant: An Activity for Families
Eliot’s November 2014 theme is Covenant.  Check out this short YouTube clip, found here, from the Unitarian Universalist Association on this important concept, which is suitable for all ages.

We also invite you to explore Meredith Plummer’s suggested activities, found here, for building a family covenant.  You’ll find family dialogue starters for UU’s about covenants, as well as ideas about how to transcribe a covenant into various pieces of art.  

Is “Just Do Your Best” Always Good Advice?  By Gail Forsyth-Vail (June 2014)
Gail Forsyth-Vail explores the pressure children, youth, and adults often face to achieve mastery and excellence in their pursuits.  When is the pursuit of excellence and achievement healthy?  When has it been a burden?   Where can happiness and fulfillment be found in our lives?  The author examines these questions within a UU context.  
UU World Family Page
Families: Weave a Tapestry of Faith is the pullout section from UU World magazine containing stories, activities, and conversation starters for families which are drawn from Unitarian Universalist curricula and resources.  All editions from 2009-2014 are available in PDF from the UUA website, found here.  The story title, topics, and parent reflection are all noted under the edition.
Family Quest on YouTube: Families on a Spiritual Expedition

Check out UU Family Quest’s YouTube Channel, found here.  Family Quest is a project of the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship and offers families short videos and film clips on spiritual practices, UU identity, world religions, holidays & holy days, UU parenting, and much more.  

Faith on the Fly:  For Parents & Caregivers
Faith on the Fly is designed to support your work as a parent or caregiver by offering a few resources and a little respite during the busyness of every week. Check back often for new resources and a much needed moment of solace.  Faith on the Fly is provided by the UU Church of the Larger Fellowship.