The philosopher Epicurus said,

“It is never too early or too late to care for the well-being of your soul.”

If you are a member of Eliot Chapel who is going through a difficult time or wrestling with matters of the heart or spirit, our pastoral care program may be able to help.

What is pastoral care?

Pastoral care, which can be defined simply as “companioning another’s spirit,” offers a way to tend to the well-being of our innermost selves. Rather than provide solutions, Eliot’s ministry of pastoral care is here to walk with you during your time of need, listen deeply to your concerns and help you reconnect to your spirit and to a sense of wholeness. Pastoral care may include hospital and in-home visits, short-term counseling, telephone calls, sending cards, delivering a meal, or other activities as deemed appropriate by Eliot’s ministers. It consists of several caring teams, ministerial support, and a team of Pastoral Care Associates. Please click here for an expanded job description for the Pastoral Care Associates team.


How we take care of each other now

Many care facilities are limiting or even prohibiting visitors, making people who live there all the more lonely. Our Pastoral Care Associates are gathering a list of some of the most vulnerable in our community and calling them. If you would like to help make reach-out calls, it’s a form of service and connection that anyone can do from home. In your covenant group, all-read, choir and any other group, we encourage you to reach out by phone, create a buddy system, or find some way to regularly connect with one another. If you know someone who needs pastoral care, including yourself, please contact our Pastoral Care Associates. For a pastoral emergency, you may call Rev. Barbara at 302-229-6202. Member Linda Cummings has volunteered to guide the Pastoral Care Associates through the transition after Rev. Jim’s departure. Rev. Krista Taves is joining us soon to assist with pastoral care in April and May before assuming her new role as Minister of Congregational Life in July.


Last Published: April 22, 2020 1:46 PM