Covid-19 Spring/Summer/Fall 2021 Events  



In accordance with the UUA and Eliot Chapel's recognition that

  • Eliot Chapel’s decisions impacts the wider community.
  • We are part of an interdependent web and, as such, not only do our risk-taking actions during the Covid-19 pandemic affect more than just ourselves, so does our protective action; and that  
  • Ethical treatment and expectations for our leaders and staff minimizes the risks to their own health and well-being.

It is Eliot Chapel’s duty to provide and maintain a workplace that:

  • is free of known hazards, and
  • protects and provides a safe environment for each other, our Eliot community, and our greater community of county, state, and country.  

This ELIOT CHAPEL EVENT REQUEST FORM—Covid-19 Spring/Summer/Fall 2021 Events is to assure that Eliot Chapel is adhering to its duty to its congregation and community. Some members of an Eliot Group will have been vaccinated, others not. At all times, the focus of a group meeting should defer to the most cautious or most vulnerable participants of the event.  

Due to the limited outdoor space available at Eliot Chapel, the Executive Team encourages Group Leaders, if possible, to hold the events at their homes or local parks. For those groups wishing to hold a meeting on Eliot Chapel’s Grounds:



  • If the Event will be held on Eliot Chapel grounds, there is a three week in advance request. 
  • If the Event will be held in homes or at a park and does not require inclusion in TWAE, there is a two week in advance request.
  • Any event that needs publication in TWAE requires a three week in advance request.
  • Current CDC guidelines for gatherings in private homes must be followed.
  • No Event will be held until there is approval by the Executive Team, and by the Staff if the Event requires Staff Assistance.
  • If any of your attendees have not been vaccinated, your event must be held outside.
  • Most likely, there will not be any staff on campus during your event.
  • Groups are limited to one meeting a month with the exception of Tuesday night Black Lives Matter Vigils.
  • Group Leaders will be given a Door Code and required to sign the ELIOT CHAPEL RESTROOM ENTRY CODES form. The form must be returned to the Front Office for the code to be activated for the hours of the group’s event. Group Leaders must make all participants aware that the code is not to be shared with anyone outside the group and that code will only be active for the duration of the group’s meeting.
  • Grounds and areas inside of Eliot Chapel must be left in the same condition as found.
Fill out this form fully. Missing answers may affect approval of your event.



CDC Community Meeting Guidelines


Click to download the Post Event Checkout List. You must fill it out and drop it in the black Drop Box located outside the glass entry doors to Adams Hall before leaving Eliot Chapel after your event.