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Let’s look forward to a bountiful Pledge Drive to support Eliot Chapel. We will celebrate all the ways in which we belong to this vibrant community. Please join us for these events!

March 5: Stewardship Sunday
A special worship service to celebrate gathering together to support our community. Enjoy free donuts in Adams Hall during coffee hour!

March 5 – April 16: Giving Gatherings

  • Attend a “Giving Gathering” hosted by Eliot friends.
  • Engage in opportunities that celebrate belonging to Eliot Chapel.
  • Submit your pledge card for 2023-2024.

April 16: UUPalooza II
A family friendly picnic at Kirkwood Park from 11:30-2:30. Participants will provide their own lunch and beverages.

  • Playground
  • Live Music
  • Games
  • Popcorn!

April 16: Deadline to turn in your pledge card to assure that your pledge is counted in the 2023-2024 budget!

April 23: Announce Stewardship Campaign results

Mary Meihaus, stewardship co-chair, introduces our Belonging campaign.

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The Belonging Logo and Artist Ahmed Eldarrat
Our beautiful Belonging logo for the canvass this year was created by Eliot Chapel member Ahmed Eldarrat. We asked Ahmed to tell us a little bit about himself and the creation of the logo:
The Eliot canvas logo is based off the idea of a “Forest of Trees,” each tree of the forest its own unique entity but living and breathing together. I was intrigued by the idea of a human-shaped chalice that also resembles a tree. The grouping of them together represents the cooperation of each diverse and unique individual living together as one forest.
My name is Ahmed Eldarrat and I am married to Deborah Eldarrat and we have two children, Khadijah (19) and Annalise (8). My family and I have been Eliot members for a few years now. I am a full-time artist and tattooist for over 20 years, printmaker, and freelance designer. Our family found Eliot through family and friends, and we have found a community of friends and like-minded spiritual and progressive families that have made us feel welcome.
I personally enjoy all the opportunities to discuss values, ethics, and religion in a free and open and even skeptical way while feeling like we are in a safe space to explore all aspects of human experience spiritually and in community. My wife and I enjoy our covenant groups and being able to connect with community service and action opportunities that line up with our values. Outside of my work and art, I enjoy adventures with my family and friends in nature, mountain biking, fishing, eastern philosophy, martial arts, meditation, and movement culture. 
Thanks again for the opportunity to design this year's canvass logo, and I’m grateful that I’ve gotten so much positive feedback. 

Join in the fun at a Giving Gathering Event!

What is a Giving Gathering? It is a fun event hosted by an Eliot member during the stewardship canvass campaign, March 5 – April 15. Please only sign up for ONE event – we want to have room for every member and friend to attend an event.

Why? It's an opportunity to get together with Eliot folks outside of Sunday worship service. You may see familiar faces and are encouraged to meet new people when you attend the event of your choice.

Where? These 26 events are scheduled at various places, dates, and times, depending on the experience the host has created. Some are at Eliot, some at members' homes, and some at parks and trails! While you are at the event, you will take a few moments to sign your pledge card for the 23-24 canvass, seal it, and turn it in to the host.

How do I sign up? You get to "choose your own adventure."

  • Sign up in Adams Hall after any Sunday service in February. There is a signup sheet for each event waiting for you!
  • Or click the button to peruse the events online. Let us know which event you want to sign up for and how many will attend with you by sending a message to givinggatherings@eliotchapel.org.


After you sign up for a Giving Gathering, you can expect to receive an invitation in the mail from your host by the end of February. It will have all the details you need about the event and you can RSVP to your host to confirm your attendance.