Pastoral Care Associates Team

Pastoral Care Associates Team

Pastoral Care Associates serve the mission of Eliot Chapel by offering caring and spiritual support to members and friends of the church in times of need.  Pastoral care is offered through personal visits and, as appropriate, by telephone and written contact, including email. 

The Pastoral Care Associates function as a team, working under the supervision of the ministers and meeting monthly to share information and resources and to support one another in their work.  All pastoral information is held in confidence in the environment of the team. The estimated volunteer time for each Associate is 10-15 hours per month, working with an average of four to six individuals or families.  Pastoral care is offered by the team without remuneration. 

Pastoral Care Associates receive initial training and commit to participating in ongoing workshops to enhance their skills.  Good listening abilities and a mature, stable personality as well as warmth and compassion are prerequisites to serving on the team.  Team members may be asked to work with Eliot members and friends whom they may not know personally and/or meet in unfamiliar settings such as individual homes, nursing homes, hospitals, or other community settings.  Pastoral Care Associates serve Eliot Chapel by remaining alert to situations which may warrant pastoral care, bringing these to the attention of the ministers.  

As representatives of Eliot Chapel, Pastoral Care Associates must hold themselves to high ethical standards in the performance of their duties.  Pastoral Care Associates must err on the side of caution in acknowledging the limits of their personal expertise, and should consult an Eliot minister before making any external referrals.  They must maintain appropriate personal boundaries and be familiar with the mandated reporting requirements pertaining to abuse of children and elderly and disabled persons. 

Pastoral Care Associates must be members of Eliot Chapel.  Team members must consent to a background check which, under Eliot policy, must be renewed every three years.  

Last Published: March 12, 2013 1:46 PM